how it works


obtain a referral
Discuss with your GP (or qualified clinician) if you need to see a specialist. If you need to see a specialist, your clinician will provide you with a referral letter.


Send Telecare your referral
Send your referral letter from the doctor directly to Telecare here. Alternatively, your doctor can send your referral directly to Telecare for you.


Book a consultation
Once we have received your referral, Telecare will contact you to book in a consultation time. You can also use our self-service booking portal here.


Attend your consultation
Once confirmed, you will receive a secure consultation link. Attend your appointment through your computer or phone. No downloads required.
Technical Requirements
Telecare aims to deliver telehealth appointments suitable for all patients. To ensure that you are able to connect to your consultation, please ensure that your device meets the specified requirements...
Uniting Referrals
Who will be invoiced? Consultations can be funded by patients themselves or by Uniting. Where Uniting is paying they will be invoiced prior to the consult; where the patient is paying, they...
Referral Form
Please use this form if you are unable to find the specialist you are looking for via our direct booking platform. Our specialist telehealth and clinical services are available through your...
Billing guide
Telecare aims to deliver high-quality medical care, with lower gap fees. The following answers may guide you with billings and payments for your appointment with the Telecare...
Appointment guide
Once your booking is confirmed, you will be expecting an encrypted video link sent to your email address and also sent via SMS to your mobile device.
Booking guide
Obtain a referral letter from a referring practitioner (this is usually your GP). This is a crucial step in ensuring that you receive the right care for your specific needs and typically...


It's as simple as 4 reasons. Winning you back time, keeping money in your wallet, providing you with a greater number of choices, and keeping your information and transactions secure.
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No more waiting rooms, long commutes, or long wait times to see a specialist. Our specialists aim to see you within one to three weeks
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Lower out-of-pocket fees for telehealth consultations, and competitive rates for aged care patients and pensioners.
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Telecare is one of Australia’s largest virtual care providers, encompassing more than 200 specialists from over 33 specialties.
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Telehealth appointments are via a secure, encrypted, browser-based link that you can share with your family, GP and other healthcare providers.