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Australia's leading virtual care provider

Founded on the combined experience of medical doctors and technology professionals, Telecare operates Australia's leading virtual care clinic and provides software solutions to the healthcare sector
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Our virtual care services offer patients access to 200+ specialists and allied health professionals from over 30 specialities, with an average patient wait time of one to three weeks.

Through better technology governed by clinical standards, we save patients money and time. Over 2,000 healthcare professionals have referred their patients to Telecare since its founding in Melbourne in 2019.

Our virtual care services are accessible to patients Australia-wide, and we have seen patients as remote from Christmas Island to Norfolk Island.

Telecare also provides virtual care services to public hospitals across Australia, helping to reduce patient wait times and increasing access to speciality care in underserved areas.
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Through the lessons we've gathered from operating Australia's leading virtual care clinic, Telecare provides hospitals and healthcare workers with time-saving solutions. This allows healthcare workers to spend less time on paperwork so they can focus on what they do best, delivering patient care.

Telecare conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. This globally recognised standard is evidence of our commitment to consistently provide healthcare services and healthcare software that meet the requirements of our patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations.

a team of over
200+ quality specialists

We'll be with you every step of the way, connecting you with our network of over 200 compassionate and expert clinicians across 30 specialities
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dr. alida connell
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Dr. clinton colaco
Infectious Diseases
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Qasim latifi
Child Psychologist
dr. romain rodrigo
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dr. dilshani jayawardene
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dr. ramesh sahatevan
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dr. adam rischin
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dr. alysson wann
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Dr. Zi low
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ms. sorrel graham
Clinical Psychologist
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Ms. diane gargya
Diabetes Educator
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Dr. Dhruv nayyar


It's as simple as 4 reasons. Winning you back time, keeping money in your wallet, providing you with a greater number of choices, and keeping your information and transactions secure.
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No more waiting rooms, long commutes, or long wait times to see a specialist. Our specialists aim to see you within one to three weeks
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Lower out-of-pocket fees for telehealth consultations, and competitive rates for aged care patients and pensioners.
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Telecare is one of Australia’s largest virtual care providers, encompassing more than 200 specialists from over 30 specialties.
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Telehealth appointments are via a secure, encrypted, browser-based link that you can share with your family, GP and other healthcare providers.


Telecare has made accessing specialists and telehealth appointments so much easier. It’s amazing – our doctors can come in on an appointment with their patients and specialists, something they never could have done if they had to physically leave the clinic. It makes it so much more collaborative.
GP Clinic Practice Manager
I had an appointment with Dr Alexey Sidorov this afternoon. I wanted to write to say thank you. Dr Sidorov was kind and compassionate and I really appreciate being able to use the Telecare service to get treatment. I live in regional Tasmania and would have had to wait over 12 months to “maybe” get an appointment.
After having successfully undergone a [procedure], I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to Michael Zhong for his thorough and prompt input and empathy. He was indeed swift, thoroughly professional and caring in all our interactions for which my wife and I will be forever grateful.
This is going to make things so much easier for our demographic. We have a lot of low socio-economic patients, so the option to bulk-bill is great. And it will make appointments easier. I recently had to take my child to four review consultations with a pediatrician on the mainland, taking a day off work each time, just to receive test results.
russell island
GP Practice Manager
Thank you, you're the only one in the end that pushed to help me despite my annoying emails. I'm sure you deal with so many walks of life and so many personalities and its a real credit to you that still do your best to meet the needs of the patient.
Regional vic
I had a really good experience using Telecare first the first time recently. Mum was in a gruelling long wait in ED on a weeknight. By 3.00am, nothing had changed.