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What is Virtual Specialist Outpatient Services by Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service?

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (WBHHS) offers specialised telehealth services for Endocrinology and Rheumatology via Telecare. These services are provided remotely to patients across the Wide Bay region, connecting them with expert specialists without the need for extensive travel.

Your GP has referred you for a specialist medical assessment within WBHHS. In some cases, the specialist may not be located within the Wide Bay area. Utilising a sophisticated video conferencing system, WBHHS ensures patients can remain in their local communities while receiving specialist care. Specialists, though possibly situated anywhere in Australia, engage with patients through a user-friendly video interface without any need for technical operation by the patient.

A local clinician will be present during the appointment to assist the specialist with tasks such as physical examinations. The specialist and local clinician will collaborate on notes, which are then integrated into the patient's medical record. Subsequently, a letter detailing the consultation outcomes is dispatched to the referring GP.

What Should I Expect?

If Coming to a Hospital Facility:

Upon arrival for your telehealth appointment, you will be escorted to a private room equipped with video conferencing facilities. Here, you will meet your local clinician who will guide you through the process. The video conference setup allows you to directly interact with the specialist. If physical examination is necessary, the local clinician will perform it under the specialist's direction.

If Using Your Own Device:

Telecare will send a secure link to your preferred device. Ahead of your appointment, simply click on the link to connect with the specialist and, if required, the local clinician. Ensure you are in a quiet, well-lit area, positioning yourself centrally on your screen. Your specialist will engage with you directly, addressing any questions or concerns as if you were in the same room.

About Telecare:

Telecare is the designated provider of video conferencing services for select medical specialties on behalf of WBHHS. Renowned as one of Australia's leading telehealth providers, Telecare boasts a panel of over 150 clinicians across more than 30 specialties. The Telecare service spans the nation, with a particular emphasis on serving regional Australia. A comprehensive contract between Telecare and WBHHS ensures adherence to strict standards of service and confidentiality, guaranteeing the same level of care as in-person consultations.

Security and Privacy:

Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Just as with in-person appointments, your health information remains secure and confidential in accordance with Queensland Health regulations. Telecare operates within the same stringent legal framework as Queensland Health, ensuring the utmost protection of patient data and privacy.

For More Information:

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