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What is Virtual Inpatient Care with NCN Health?

NCN Health, in collaboration with Telecare, will be piloting the new Virtual Inpatient Care program to deliver more comprehensive care to patients by utilising virtual healthcare services. As part of this program, an additional support worker will be made available to the NCN network virtually. The supplementary physician will be assisting current healthcare workers with patient admissions, reviews and ad-hoc support.

What to expect

As part of the virtual inpatient care program, patients should expect a level of care consistent with the same quality standards as in-person services. As part of the program, patients must consent to be looked after virtually. You will then be reviewed via video when you arrive at the hospital by the admitting doctor and your condition will then be reviewed daily on ward rounds via video. The nurses are able to contact your doctor via telephone or video at any time. Your care will not be compromised by having your doctor available virtually, and in fact it allows you to be treated closer to home in a more timely manner.

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case study

Mackay base hospital and health service outpatient clinic

A regional hospital seeks to offer outpatients access to additional specialist healthcare services.
our impact
Telecare has implemented a solution where patients can see specialists from:
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The outpatient clinic of a public hospital (with a nurse or medical officer present); or
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From the comfort of their own home
Some specialities that are on offer are: