South West Hospital and Health Services


What is Case Conferencing with South West HHS?

In August 2023, Telecare was commissioned to expand its cutting-edge Virtual Multi-disciplinary Team Case Conferencing (MDTCC) service to South West Hospital and Health Service in Queensland, addressing the challenges of fragmented healthcare services and unmet healthcare needs. Building upon their existing case conference model, this expansion caters to the healthcare needs of a vast region encompassing 3 hospitals and 9 GP services.

What to Expect:

The hybrid virtual MDTCC model enables patients to access specialist consultations from the comfort of their local GP's office, eliminating the need for extensive travel. This innovative approach ensures consistent, high-quality care, leading to improved health outcomes for patients.

Specialist doctors in Queensland now have enhanced access to remote patients, offering greater flexibility in consultation timings and settings. This advancement in healthcare technology empowers specialists to provide timely and comprehensive care to a broader patient population.

Local GPs benefit from collaborating with specialist physicians through the virtual MDTCC model, allowing them to share the patient care load and reduce the burden of managing complex cases independently. Additionally, GPs gain access to specialist expertise, ensuring holistic care delivery for their patients.

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Mackay base hospital and health service outpatient clinic

A regional hospital seeks to offer outpatients access to additional specialist healthcare services.
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Telecare has implemented a solution where patients can see specialists from:
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The outpatient clinic of a public hospital (with a nurse or medical officer present); or
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From the comfort of their own home
Some specialities that are on offer are: