quality policy

At Telecare, we are committed to providing quality patient services while abiding by statutory requirements. We aim to deliver this by:

  1. Reducing any administrative delays and ensuring patients receive up-to-date communication and instructions
  2. Eliminating any potential for administrative errors

To achieve this, Telecare has adopted a Quality Management System and has implemented internal Quality Objectives as it seeks to become ISO 9001 certified.

Our framework for setting Quality Objectives

Telecare’s Leadership Team sets, review and monitors its Quality Objectives twice a year.

Our commitment to satisfying applicable requirements and the continual improvement of the Quality Management System

Telecare aims to follow procedures according to our Quality Management System, with a view to continued re-evaluation and refinement to ensure the consistent provision of our high-quality offerings. We are committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System by:

  • Conducting twice-yearly internal audits to identify any Non-Conformance or opportunities for improvement
  • Encouraging all employees to identify and manage risks or incidents of Non-Conformance so that they may be rectified to improve the quality of our services.



Michael Wang, CEO