Alexandra District Health


What is Virtual Inpatient Care with Alexandria Health?

In February, Telecare expanded its provision of virtual inpatient services in partnership with Alexandra District Health. Supplementary virtual physicians will be assisting current healthcare workers with patient admissions, reviews and ad-hoc support. This model will ensure that patients in the ADH region will continue to have uninterrupted access to top-tier medical services.

What to Expect:

The Virtual Inpatient Service offered by Telecare ensures patients in Alexandra District Health's acute inpatient wards receive consistent and exemplary medical care. Patients can anticipate a standard of care akin to in-person services, with virtual consultations and reviews conducted by experienced healthcare professionals.

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Mackay base hospital and health service outpatient clinic

A regional hospital seeks to offer outpatients access to additional specialist healthcare services.
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Telecare has implemented a solution where patients can see specialists from:
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The outpatient clinic of a public hospital (with a nurse or medical officer present); or
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From the comfort of their own home
Some specialities that are on offer are: