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What is telehealth by Mackay Hospital and Health Services?

Mackay Hospital and Health Service (MHHS) provides specialist telehealth services for a variety of specialties. These appointments and clinics can be delivered both to our rural facilities from Mackay Base Hospital (MBH) and from tertiary centres throughout Queensland to MBH and rural facilities.

Your GP has referred you for specialist medical assessment at MBH. Sometimes the specialist is not in Mackay. The hospital uses a video system that reaches specialists outside of Mackay providing a service that enables patients to stay in their hometown. The specialist (who may be anywhere in Australia, but never overseas) will chat with you via the TV and microphone in front of you. You do not have to operate any of the controls.

The local clinician with you can help the specialist by taking your blood pressure (for example) or examining a part of you while the specialist observes. Notes about the appointment are made by the specialist and the local clinician, and then put into your hospital record. A letter is then sent to your GP because they have referred you.

What should I expect?

If coming to a hospital facility

When you arrive for your telehealth appointment, you will be shown into a private room where the video conference equipment is set up. You will meet your local clinician and will be seated in front of a TV with a camera, where you will see and speak to your specialist. If you need to be examined, your local clinician will be there to carry out the examination on behalf of the specialist.

If using your own device

Telecare will send a link to your nominated device. Prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will need to click on the link to connect with the specialist and if required, the local clinician. Please ensure you are located in a quiet area with good lighting, you position yourself clearly in the middle of your screen (have your device on its side to fill the entire screen) and your device's volume is turned up (or headphones are plugged in).

The local clinician and specialist will dial into the appointment, where you will see and speak to them. If you wish to have someone with you during your appointment (e.g. a family member or carer), they can also be present or join remotely via video link. Your specialist will ask you questions and you will be able to talk to them exactly as if you were talking to them in person.

About Telecare

Telecare is the service that provides video conferencing care for some medical sub-specialties on behalf of MBH. Telecare is one of Australia’s largest telehealth providers, with a panel of over 100 clinicians offering over 30 specialties. Telecare operates nationwide, with a focus on regional Australia. A contract between Telecare and MHHS outlines how this service is provided. The contract deals with standards of service and confidentiality. It guarantees the same level of care as if the service was occurring at MBH. The contract has been carefully reviewed by the MHHS legal department and Queensland Health Contracts Management Unit.

You can find more information about your clinician here:

Security and Privacy

Your information and any conversations will be private and confidential, exactly as they would if you had an appointment in person. Queensland Health is required by law to keep your health information confidential and private. Telecare is also governed by the same strict laws and regulations as Queensland Health.

For more information

For further information regarding your video conference consultation, please contact:


Appointment bookings/cancellations

P: (07) 4837 8014

F: (03) 8677 9399 (area code required)


Mackay Base Hospital

P: (07) 4885 6790

F: (07) 4885 7559

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