Revolutionary AI-assisted healthcare administration workflow platform


Telecare will soon be launching an AI-assisted workflow platform that will revolutionise how healthcare providers administer care. Our solution will streamline processes, cut costs and let clinicians focus on providing outstanding care.


Work smarter, not harder

Healthcare professionals receive auto-prioritised tasks in real-time. This will reduce the risk of human error, ensures nothing major is missed and that important tasks are completed in priority.

Only get the key information they need. Real-time, task-specific intelligence minimises human error, mitigates risk and enhances the patient experience.

Cutting Edge

Cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, designed to revolutionise the way healthcare is administered.

Since our inception, our team has worked hard to develop in-house software that leverages the power of AI, machine learning and clinical insights to deliver better healthcare services.

With this technology, we will streamline processes, improve accuracy and free our clinicians time so they can spend more time with patients.