RxPad is a cost-efficient and standalone e-scripting service.


The traditional way of prescribing, which typically involves manual entry onto a computer, printing and handing a physical copy (or even worse, handwriting), is becoming increasingly inefficient. This is especially in the case of telehealth consultations.

Not only is it time-consuming, but there is also a risk of error, and patients may lose access to their prescriptions.

RxPad is trusted by hundreds of medical practitioners as their electronic prescribing software of choice, offering healthcare providers an efficient and secure e-scripting solution.

With RxPad, you can say goodbye to those tedious and time-consuming tasks. RxPad is completely standalone, meaning there is no need to change practice management software.

Unlike other e-scripting services, RxPad is not linked to a patient management system, which means you will not be locked into one provider. With no installations required, just log in and prescribe. Being cloud-based, you don't need to worry about software updates - we sort everything out for you in the background.

RxPad is fully compliant with Australian Digital Health Agency guidelines and includes robust security features to protect patient data. With RxPad, you will never have to write a paper prescription again. Tired of writing paper prescriptions that your patients lose or posting paper scripts after a telehealth consultation? RxPad gives your patients a better experience by providing immediate availability of scripts for telehealth consultations.

RxPad drug data is integrated with MIMS, Australia's most trusted and comprehensive drug reference system, used by more than 21,000 healthcare professionals. This means you have confidence in having the latest drug information.

RxPad was initially built by doctors who were frustrated with how prescribing is currently done in Australia. Designed and built by Telecare, Australia's leading specialist telehealth clinic, RxPad helps Australian doctors eliminate the need to use paper prescription pads, saving time and allowing them to focus more on providing care to their patients. RxPad makes it easier for doctors to access, edit and cancel patients' prescriptions potentially reducing errors and improving patient safety.

For a limited time only, we are offering all new users 60 days free, and an introductory price of $50 per month for unlimited scripts. We believe that RxPad is the future of prescribing in Australia, and we're excited for you to experience its benefits for yourself.

Go to to get your 60 days free, and check out our onboarding guide to get started.