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Founded on the combined experience of medical doctors and technology professionals, Telecare operates Australia’s largest virtual care clinic and is a provider of software solutions to the healthcare sector.

our values

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one team
We recognise that it will take all of us, to work together at 100% to achieve our vision. We look out for one another. We know that the strongest teams foster diverse personalities, talents and skills. We believe in using our experience to help others achieve their best.
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patient first
We believe in serving our patients to the very best of our abilities. Our patients are at the centre of everything we do and we are constantly putting ourselves in our patient's shoes.
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own it
We're not limited to our titles and job descriptions. We are free to achieve our goals no matter what our daily job is and what challenges come our way. We always seek to do the right thing for our patients and doctors. If things don’t go right, we own it, learn from it and move on, better than before.


Patient Support Expert

Full Time, Blackburn, Vic