Telecare secures contract with Mackay Hospital and Health Services

24 June 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has called attention to the need for a digitally-enabled healthcare system, and Telecare is at the forefront of this evolvement.

In light of our cause, Telecare is delighted to announce that our specialists now offer telehealth consultations to patients at Mackay Base Hospital's Outpatient Clinic. Our participating specialists will provide essential care in a variety of fields including neurology, rheumatology, nephrology, and respiratory medicine.

As part of our service, Telecare seeks to reduce waiting periods for those attempting to access specialist care, meaning that Mackay patients will be able to receive vital treatment sooner.

By leveraging our in-house crafted software and deep healthcare experience, Telecare's patients will have access to a more streamlined healthcare experience.

Telecare is a virtual specialist clinic, with over 90 specialist and allied health providers across over 30 specialties. Telecare services all Australians, from Christmas Island in the west to Norfolk Island in the East, and receives referrals from over 1,100 GP clinics nationwide.

We are excited to use our clinical and technical expertise to help service the Mackay region, and we look forward to continuing to improve service provision to rural Australians.

For more information on our hospital outpatient service, click here.

Our objective is to create and navigate a well-ordained clinician experience for better patient health outcomes.