Telecare and Mackay Hospital and Health Service showcases partnership at MedInfo23

In July of 2023, Telecare and Mackay Hospital and Health Service (MHHS) presented their innovative partnership at MedInfo23, held in Sydney Australia.

MedInfo23 was an international conference of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health in 2023. This exceptional and esteemed occasion united the most impactful pioneers of the digital health revolution and was regarded as a significant milestone in the healthcare sector's schedule. #MEDINFO23 transcended boundaries as it brought together government officials, industry experts, clinical leaders, researchers, VIPs, delegates, and speakers from over 50 countries for a dynamic and comprehensive five-day exploration of digital health.  

In 2022, Telecare and MHHS joined hands to provide virtual outpatient specialist care for patients from a range of specialties including rheumatology, neurology, haematology, hepatology, respiratory, medical oncology, paediatric behavioural development, IBD and endocrinology.

Since then, the number of rural/regional patients who have access to quality care have increased exponentially. There were 1.7x more patients in the current financial year than the last, with a 33% decrease in patients who have breached recommended waiting times for their condition. Furthermore, active patient communication and involvement led to a 6.2% no-show rate, which falls below the state's average. This led to high rates of patient satisfaction, with 85% of patients feeling either very or extremely pleased with the overall virtual outpatient clinic experience. As the partnership between Telecare and MHHS expanded, there have been increments in the types of specialties on offer, with 24 specialists on board.  

Overall, the partnership between Telecare and MHHS has been extremely successful and beneficial to rural/regional patients as access to specialist care is increased. It holds the potential to elevate patient satisfaction, therefore enriching the overall healthcare experience. This partnership between Telecare and MHHS will not only address existing healthcare challenges with heightened efficiency, but also cultivate an environment where patients needs are prioritised.

Telecare and Mackay's Poster presented at MedInfo23