MBS Item Numbers you may not know about

29 March 2022

Many of us are aware of the benefits of coordinated care, and that better patient outcomes can be achieved by having GPs, patients and specialists present in the same consultation. Unfortunately, a large number of GPs and clinics are unaware that they can bill selected MBS facilitation items when preparing for, facilitating or participating in specialist telehealth consultations.

To better support clinics in the facilitation of specialist telehealth, we have provided a simple outline of the MBS codes that GPs, practice nurses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers can use when participating in coordinated care.

MBS facilitation numbers for practice nurses, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers

Rebates for practice nurses, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker facilitation of telehealth consultations are still available under MBS Item 10983.

This applies to attendance by a practice nurse, an Aboriginal health worker or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner on behalf of, and under the supervision of, a medical practitioner, to provide clinical support to a patient who:

  • is participating in a video conferencing consultation with a specialist, consultant physician or psychiatrist
  • is not an admitted patient

Fee: $33.70 Benefit: 100% = $33.70

Please note this facilitation item number is not time based, more information here.

Find Out More About MBS Item 10983

Telecare's case conference and item numbers

Telecare is introducing a new case conference model, which will allow GPs to be remunerated for coordinating case conference consultations.

What is a case conference?

A case conference is a service for patients with a medical condition that is likely to be present for six months or is terminal, who require ongoing care from a multidisciplinary case conference team. The team must include a medical practitioner and at least two other members who provide a different kind of care service to the patient. One of whom may be another medical practitioner - family carers do not qualify. A minimum of three care providers are required.

MBS item numbers for case conferences

Watch the video below below for more information on case conferences and regulatory requirements:

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